Welcome to Emma’s Garden

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Located on the North Shore of Bird River Manitoba is 85 acres of Boreal Forest and grassland called Emma’s Garden. The gardens are named after beloved Emma, who was born, schooled, raised her family, and is buried at Bird River. Her story is tied to our desire to return to this place and create a place that honors her respect for the forest, the water, and the community.
Our desire is to preserve the beauty of the riverbank land, passed down by three generations, working within the ecosystem in the creation of a farm that is bountiful, marketable, and can be shared with others in several ways.


Emma’s Garden includes .9km of riverbank, 2 creek beds, 7acres of field and 78 wooded acres. The natural terrain is predominantly clay but the forest has created rich soils on the property. The healthy mixed Boreal forest is primarily poplar, ash and spruce trees.
A traditional farm is not conducive to the area as it would mean clearing nearly 80 acres of natural Boreal forest to get the farm back to the originally cleared farm land. We are designing the farm to the area rather than change the area to meet a traditional farm’s need.
Living a sustainable, happy life in harmony with nature is a desire we have for everyone. When this is in balance it brings healthy longevity to our lives and maintains a vibrant community that remains for generation after generation.
To grow farm products for the local community is our primary mission. Planning for the farm is to organize it in such a way that is functional, visually attractive and sustainable. We are using new sustainable organic techniques, biodynamic techniques, restoration agriculture, and Permaculture design to achieve this. Sustainability begins with a nourishing food source. Emma’s Garden creates a space that grows organic food in three ways: 1) a food forest 2) under-cover (greenhouse or geo-dome structure) 3) gardens that include row plantings, raised beds and compatible groupings.
The buildings have returned to the earth, all thats left are photographs, so we are starting from scratch like our ancestors did over a hundred years ago when they arrived to this place. Our story is how to achieve this creating enough income to make it sustainable for the years to come. This website is a place we can share our stories along the journey.