Emma’s Garden, created in 2009 by Chuck Leibert and Julie Currie, is the rebirth of a homestead property built and named after Chuck’s grandmother, Emma. The namesake matriarch was born in 1913 to Latvian immigrant descendants who settled and developed the acreage along the Bird River, two hours northeast of Winnipeg.

The garden is located along the shores of Bird River, which flows between two ranges of out-cropping rocks in the Precambrian Shield of south-eastern Manitoba and empties into Lake Lac du Bonnet. The property is located on 85 acres of established boreal forest and grass fields that stretch alongside the beautiful river scenery.

Emma’s Garden was originally established as a pesticide-free produce garden grown for the local market with a focus on beautiful vegetables with great flavour. Over the years we found that its unique location is ideally suited for garlic as the surrounding trees allow snow cover to protect the garlic bulbs through both mild and harsh winters, thereby creating a stable environment over the long winter.

Creating biodiversity locally.


Today, Emma’s Garden is known primarily for growing and curing pesticide-free, small-scale, handcrafted garlic and garlic products:

  • Garlic scapes are harvested for sale at the end of June or early July, as well as a rotating selection of potted herbs (such as basil) to furnish the culinary artist with fresh garlic scape flavour combinations.
  • Cured bulb garlic is available by September long weekend.
  • Processed products in the form of garlic powder and dehydrated sliced garlic chips are produced from our grown bulbs.

All products are sold at the Lac Du Bonnet Farmers’ Market during the season. We are at the market beginning the Saturday before the July long weekend through to the week following the September long weekend. As of 2020, everything will also be available to you through our online store.

We communicate with our customers directly by email through our newsletter – notifying you of when the scapes, bulbs and dehydrated products are available. If you would like to stay in the loop please subscribe, and thank you for enjoying the fruits of our little labour of love.

Dehydrating Garlic Scapes